Everything You Need to Know About the Garden Office Trend

Everything You Need to Know About the Garden Office Trend

Working from home means many of us must carve out a space in our houses in which to set up an office. The luckiest among us already have an empty room waiting to be converted. But what can the rest of us do? One solution, which at first glance may seem absurd yet is gaining in popularity, is to have an office in the backyard!


Fresh air, natural light, a view of the garden, and a wide distance between yourself, the dirty dishes or loud children is what you can look forward to when you move your office outside the house!

While this trend is still in its early days in Quebec, professionals in England have been creating outdoor home offices for several years. We must all admit that the familiar routine of getting ready for work can be quite comforting … even if it is just for a walk to the end of the yard.

The Two Main Types of Garden Office

The Urban

If you live in the city and don’t have access to a large yard, your garden office will probably take the form of a semi-permanent setup on a balcony, patio or on the roof. All that is really required is a small corner where you can quickly arrange everything you need to have on hand and start teleworking.


The Suburban

With a large suburban or rural backyard, it is possible to construct an entire home office room from scratch, such as a custom-built shed that meets your professional needs. It can be of any shape or style you desire, but it must blend in with your existing garden decor to avoid creating a jarring contrast.

In both cases, access to electrical outlets and a reliable internet connection are indispensable.  

The Potential Drawbacks

Working outside is always pleasant! However, you may have to contend with certain issues. You can try to find a solution to the problem bothering you or learn to live with it!

Sun Glare on Screens

Sometimes the sun is so bright that it washes out the screen. You should install blinds or curtains to prevent glare. Or, if you are working on a balcony, a shade sail or cloth may be more appropriate (a membrane designed to block a certain percentage of the sun’s rays).

 A Lack of Protection

Opening and closing the office morning and night shouldn’t be a chore. Consider adopting a simple and secure system like a lockable chest or desk to hold your most valuable items. Remember that it should be weather and theft-proof!


No Storage

Your workday will progress more smoothly if you aren’t constantly going back and forth between the office and the house. You must have a little but enough of your essentials within easy reach, such as a water bottle, tissues, or your reference documents, for example. Don’t be fooled by cute minimalist garden offices consisting of no more than a laptop atop a rustic wooden board. You will need more storage than that!

A Multitude of Insects

Mosquitos or other flying insects are often abundant in the summer. Netting or an insect-repellant candle can be effective if you are not working in an enclosed space.


Disruptive Ambient Noises

Depending on your home’s location, i.e., if close to a busy road or if your neighbourhood is noisy, you may come to regret moving your office outside. Think it over carefully!


Uncomfortable Temperatures

Obviously, your garden office space must provide sun protection to prevent sunburns. You equally need to think about cooling the space so that you don’t get overheated if you’re not working in the shade. The same goes if you will be occupying your office shed in the winter: make sure you have a heater or insulate the walls.


A quick tip for a successful garden office: try to image yourself working in it. Reflect, dream, visualize … and write down your impressions! You will be investing time and money in this project; it would be a shame to end up not using it as much as you had planned!

As far as how much resale value a garden office will add to your house, remember that any increase in our property’s living or storage space will always be considered a plus to potential buyers. Good luck!

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