Maximize Your Multiplex Investment

The multiplex market stands as a strong and enduring investment, meeting a fundamental need: housing. Its reliability has led banks to finance up to 95% of its value, allowing you to own a high-value asset with a modest initial deposit. With Jamil's expertise, uncover how to maximize the potential of your real estate investment.

Three Strategies to Profit from Your Multiplex


Cashflow Dynamics

This refers to the monthly income generated from rentals and ancillary services like laundry, minus operational expenses.

Tenant-Driven Capitalization

Your tenants pay off your mortgage. Over time, the capital portion grows, thus increasing your equity, which can be reinvested through refinancing.

Appreciation Potential

The value of your building increases over time. Investing today maximizes this potential. The chosen investment location plays a crucial role in the property's value growth.

Leverage My Expertise to Enhance Your Investment

Understanding Initial Costs in a Multiplex Investment

Initial expenses can stack up. It's vital to anticipate them to avoid any surprises and ensure you have adequate liquidity.


Property Inspection and Evaluation

Critical assessments to determine the value and condition of your prospective property.Notary fees


Notary Fees

Fees associated with drafting, validating, and executing official documents.

Transfer Taxes

Taxes paid to the municipality during a property transfer.


Evaluation Fees and SCHL Tax

Costs related to the lender's review of your application and the tax on mortgage insurance.


Prepayment Penalty

Charges incurred if you pay off your current mortgage before its maturity.

Because Sometimes It's Better to Discuss It Over the Phone

Optimizing Your Financing

Financing goes beyond just rates. I guide you based on your short-term and long-term objectives, advising on the most strategic down payment amount.

  • Duplex: 5%
  • Triplex: 10%
  • Quadruplex: 10%
  • Single-family Home: 5%
  • Divided Condo: 5%
  • Undivided Condo: 20%

Upon lender approval, you'll receive a pre-qualification certificate, vouching for your financial capability to sellers and putting you in a favorable position in competitive situations.

For a duplex, the minimum down payment is only 5%. This is one of the significant advantages of a duplex compared to a triplex or a fourplex. In fact, the down payment for a duplex is the same as that for a condominium or a single-family home. However, to benefit from this minimal down payment, there are 2 conditions to meet.
You must live in one of the units (owner-occupied). You must take out mortgage insurance. If you're not keen on bearing the costs of SCHL  or other mortgage insurance, you'll need to put down a 20% down payment.

Just like with a duplex, the minimum down payment for a triplex is determined by the owner-occupied criterion. If you live in the building and take out insurance, the bank will require a minimum down payment of 10% for your triplex. Otherwise, the standard rate of a 20% down payment will be required.

If you're even more ambitious and have your sights set on a fourplex, there's no change from the previous case. The minimum down payment for a fourplex is indeed 10%. This threshold is again contingent on taking out mortgage insurance. And if you prefer to skip it, you'll once again need to advance a 20% down payment for the purchase of your fourplex.

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