How to Manage Living in a Small Condo With Children

How to Manage Living in a Small Condo With Children

Do you and your kids call a condo home? Whether it’s following a separation or due to the overheated real estate market, many families have had to settle for—or currently live in—a reduce amount of square footage.

Thankfully, by thinking outside the box, you can transform your dwelling into a pleasant living environment for all occupants.

Invest in Storage

Storage space is crucial when living in a condo, especially when there are several occupants. Expand yours by installing shelves over door frames to hold stuffed toys in bedrooms, towels in the bathroom, etc.

Vertical storage is likewise indispensable in the kitchen and in closets. Every inch of height counts. Arrange some pretty baskets along the shelves and place necessary yet less frequently used items in them. A separate storage unit, either inside the condo building or rented from a nearby company, can provide extra space for belongings you can’t really part with, but that you don’t need to have on hand on a daily basis. A few examples of such items are holiday decorations, keepsake boxes, sports equipment or clothing your children have outgrown (if you are planning on having more).


Give the Kids the Master Bedroom

Sometimes sacrifice is required for the common good. For example, instead of giving the smaller bedroom to the children, swap and let them sleep in the main bedroom.

By doing so, you will gain space for a homework area and to store most of their toys. It will also be easier to reorganize the room to accommodate bunk beds or single beds. This would all be impossible in a tiny bedroom. Plus, the kids’ things, like school bags and big toys, will be less likely to clutter the other rooms in the condo. 

Include the Little Ones

Youngsters like spending time with their parents. Consequently, they will want to be in the same rooms as you, even while they play.

Depending on how old they are, you could assign each child a bin or drawer in a common room, like the living room or kitchen, for toys, colouring books, or puzzles. This way they can entertain themselves anywhere in your unit.

Only Keep What You Need

Condos are synonymous with tiny storage spaces. Use them wisely! This means not accumulating lots of possessions. At the beginning of each season, minimum, go over every room and donate, sell, or throw away whatever isn’t necessary anymore or that no longer suits your needs. 

Moreover, learn to say “No thank you” to well-intentioned friends and family members who want to spoil your children. Instead, ask for gift certificates or outings (such as a museum visit or a movie) as presents. Minimalism is your friend.

Keep the Space Open

Although it is prudent to maximize your available storage, this doesn’t mean you are free to fill every nook and cranny of your condo with stuff. Aim to maintain as much open space as possible. You wouldn’t want to live in a space filled to the brim with clothes, furniture, toys, etc. Preserving ample room to move around, having visually blank spaces, and keeping floors clear is essential to your mental health. 

Are you still afraid of feeling cramped in your next condominium? Chin up: it is often said that compact homes are filled with love, not stuff. You can’t help but come together in a tiny space, after all!

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